– Please don’t tell anyone this, but I want to be happy.
– Of course you do. Everyone does.
Yeah, but I didn’t think that I did. I made a promise such a long time ago that I was gonna take in experiences, all of them, so that I could tell other people about them and maybe save them, but it gets so tiring trying to take in all the experiences for everybody, letting anyone say anything to me. Then I came here and I see you and you’ve got the fruit in the bowl and the fridge with the stuff, the robe and, you’re touching me the way that I realize I’m not different. You know? I want what everyone wants. I want what they all want. I want all the things. I just want to be happy.

– Hannah (Girls HBO)

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About Lucía

Escondida bajo la imagen de múltiples personajes, ya sean de comedias musicales o series. Me hago cargo de mis posts viejos a pesar de lo que piense ahora de ellos. Mi familia cree que puedo llegar a ser escritora por haber narrado creativamente un viaje pero yo quiero ser Licenciada en Psicología.

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